ML360a Spot/Beam/Wash 15r

Movil 15r
Nueva tecnologia y alto rendimiento en una movil de bajo peso y consumo.

Ideal para escenarios y shows.
Usada en teatros, sets de television y grandes superficies.

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Descripción del Producto

Bulb: YODN R15 330W
Ballast: Electronic ballast
Color temperature: 7500K
Life span: 1500H
Protection Rate: IP20
Channel: 24 international standard DMX channel;
16 DMX channels optional.
Demo Function: Sound active mode; Auto-run program mode;
Master slave mode.
Optical Device: Anti-reflective coated lens.
Board Display: LCD board display; 3-pin or 5-pin DMX signal input.
Color wheel: 6 colors + open; with full color or half of color
function; with UV heat filter, CMY Mixing color system.
Gobo wheel 1: 14 fixed gobos + open
Gobo wheel 2: 8 rotational gobo + open,
can be easily replace and bi-directional rotation.
Strobe: 0~13times/s variable speed shutter/strobe
Prism: 3 facet prism with bi-directional rotation and 16 prism macro
Soft effect: the facular size is adjustable
Iris: 5~100% adjustable; with iris effect.
Focus: Electronic focus.
Dimmer: 0~100% linearity dimmer.
Pan maximal angle: 540°
Tilt maximal angle: 270°
Beam angle: 5~35°
Motor quantity: 16pcs silent motors;
2pcs three-phase motor; 16 Bit driver.
Other function: the lamp on/off function can be remote
controlled and used time of lamp can be displayed.
Structure material: heat-proof plastic + model pressing alloy.

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